Global running day 01.06.2016 – Golden Bay and back.

Posted on: 1st June 2016

Global running day 01.06.2016 – Golden Bay and back.

“Life will always throw curve balls your way, it’s how we adapt and deal with them that is the ultimate challenge”

“Running will set you free, give you experiences you would have otherwise missed, and most importantly in my mind, allow you or you and others with you, time to put the worlds to rights”

When I woke up this morning in Malta I didn’t quite feel like going for a run. I just wanted to have breakfast. Why I am in Malta is irrelevant but the mood was extremely low. I said to my Mum I don’t fancy running today and I just wanted to have breakfast. So together we sat on he balcony and did exactly that.

Flicking Facebook, as you do these days, I saw a friend Karen Dawson had wished our running club a “happy global running day”. The idea of global running day had completely slipped by me. Thanks to Karen I was now aware. We continued about our day filling the time before our flight home tomorrow (Thursday). We went for a walk to have a coffee as a three (Mum, Dad and I). I soon realised I wasn’t happy knowing it was global run day and I wasn’t going to run. So it was time………….

Being back in Malta unexpectedly I realised I perhaps had an opportunity which I missed just a week or so earlier. When we were kids we always went to a place in Malta called Golden Bay. As kids we all played there and would swim in the sea………..obviously I wouldn’t now!!!! Since then Mum had told some stories about her childhood at Golden Bay, some amazing fun times, and some scary Jaws like moments. Hence I wouldn’t swim there knowing what I know now! Any way, yesterday (Tuesday) Dad and I went for a walk right round the bay into the point of St Paul’s Bay. Dad said he always wanted to walk round there but hadn’t had the chance. Mum wanted Dad to have some time to walk so off we strolled. When we got to where we wanted we saw a sign saying Golden Bay 4km. Dad and I didn’t quite realise it was only 4km away……….come on that’s like less than a 3 mile run.

…… was time on Global running day to go for a run. I had been pondering all morning and regretting not running and wondered if I had the minerals to run all the way to Golden Bay and back, just so I could see it again. I set off and new it was 2.2 miles to where Dad and I saw the sign and then worked it out to be about 4.5miles to the cliff tops of Golden Bay. Once I got to that point of 2.2 miles the adventure really begun.

The road started off with a slight incline taking me out of the little town I had just ran through and the road weaved through the start of the valley. It was exciting, all I knew was Golden Bay was at the end. The first mile saw me run past an isolated garden centre and an amazing Maltese country side. I was seeing things which you just wouldn’t see in England. I saw little farmers fields with big concrete swimming pool like structures at the side of the fields. I soon realised when passing one a few hundred yards later they were massive water tanks, but I have to say given the heat it still looked good enough to be a swimming pool. The other noticeable sight straight away was a hotel in the distance. To the naked eye I thought that could be the Raddison at Golden Bay about a mile or so away from me. My adventure continued.

As the second mile started I realised the road had slowly started to make its way up hill. I then looked up and saw the task which I had in front of me. All I could see was the road winding its way up to the top of the cliffs. In relation to where I could see the Raddison and where I could see the road go I knew once I was at the top I was there. This hill just got steeper and steeper but with so many interesting sights of the Maltase country side. Cacti everywhere and lots of little lizards scampering around making sure to not get trod on by my running footsteps.

Eventually I made it to the top of the cliff. There it was Golden Bay, just how I remembered it, only 20 years later. I stood there for what seemed like ages, but was only a few minutes most likely. I thought about life and everything in mine currently and just thanked the sky for this great opportunity for where I was standing. Life will always throw curve balls your way, it’s how we adapt and deal with them that is the ultimate challenge.

One thought on this global running day which came to mind was how running had given me so much opportunity when being away from home. Pounding the streets of New York and the East river. Running through Val Calets and La Lac in the Alpes. Running down international drive in Orlando, and today through this amazing Maltese country side. I realised running gave me another perspective. It gave me a different view point and a unique experience when on these trips which others who wouldn’t try running or stick at it long enough would have to miss out on.

Running has given me so much more than just exercise, I wonder where our adventure will go next? Happy global running day.

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