At The Gym

Monday 12th April – 16th May


17th May – 20th June Timetable

(please note this timetable is our normal functioning timetable and after 20th June will no longer be subject to restriction *subject to government guidance)





Functional Fitness

This is our Group Training Program focusing on getting you Fitter, Stronger and Help you Burn Body Fat. These are highly metabolic sessions meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat. You can experience an after burn effect which will increase your Metabolic Rate for around 24-48 hours post exercise. We focus on exercises that are scientifically proven to help you melt unwanted pound of fat, blow torch stubborn fatty areas that you struggle to get rid of and improve you Cardio Vascular Endurance without the need for Running or other form of time consuming Cardio.

In order to achieve your goals you desire training has to be at the right intensity and you have to know what to do.  In most fitness facilities you buy a membership get shown the gym, left to your own devices of how to train or which classes to attend and given a massive sales pitch on personal training and the benefits.  Rather than paying twice Transformation Lifestyle Training asks you to commit to at least 3 sessions per week which are all instructor lead. Rather than pay £30 per week for one  personal training session as well as monthly membership, just pay once and be lead at least 3 times a week toward your specific goals.



 Studio Cycling

Studio Cycling is a fun way to get yourself in shape.  Our studio cycling session are focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity principles.  With this type of training having low impact on the joints it is suitable for all to participate.



The Saturday Shred #thesaturdayshred

On a Saturday we run #thesaturdayshred. A circuits based session to burn those extra calories and set you up for your weekend.






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